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Trackman Pro Swing Test of Macro Golf's PowerStroke® Grip Tested and Proven to Hit Better Than Traditonal Grips.

Golf's Most Ergonomic Grip - Macro Golf's USGA and RA conforming PowerStroke is Trackman pro tested and proven for a better golf swing using the golf clubs in your bag. See the full PowerStroke Trackman Pro Test Results

Why is Golf traditionally so difficult to learn and to play?

Basically its because the most ergonomic grip in almost every player's bag is on a golf umbrella!
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PowerStroke® Featured in Golf Digest Magazine
PowerStroke: An ergonomic, mid-taper grip Golf Digest Clickable

Have those in search of game improvement through better equipment been looking in the wrong place? A retired oral surgeon from Richmond, Va., thinks so. “I long had an idea that there was something wrong with the wide butt-tapered grips,” Dr. Richard Ferris said. They were designed...
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Statement from Richard Ferris, inventor of the Macro Square Stroke putter grip, on the impending USGA and R&A non conforming ruling adversely affecting long and belly putter use.
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Doctor Richard Ferris, CO of Macro Golf and inventor of the patented PowerStroke® ergonomic full swing grip and Square Stroke® putter grip and putting system, announces the introduction of "Sheila," a new 3-tiered, mid-tapered ergonomically configured golf grip for women.
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Square Stroke Putter Grips

Square Stroke® Putter grips, the USGA conforming patented grips from Macro® Golf that are shaped to keep the putter face moving straight back and straight forward through your ball... a belly putter stroke… without the belly putter anchoring.

PowerStroke Ergonomic Golf Grips

No golfer who ever lived could set-up in two planes and swing in one and only the tension-free wrist-flex and full arm extension of PowerStroke® the most ergonomic USGA conforming grip in golf can put you on one plane at address and keep you on that same one plane through impact.

Rational for the mid-grip taper design of the PowerStroke® Golf Grip

PowerStroke’s mid-grip ergonomic reverse taper is a patented physical application that markedly enhances dexterity and a player’s ability to successfully, and... Read More >>

PowerStroke® Mid-Taper Golf Grips
Set-Up/Address Recommendations

PowerStroke has a patented ergonomic mid-tapered shape that provides greater actual wrist-flex and an easier tension-free hand/wrist/arm full swing extension... Read More >>

Macro innovation...making golf an easier game.

The Macro split grip putter is the only oversized putter grip available with the USGA conforming patented oversized oval shape that totally eliminates wrist break and the YIPS and keeps the putter face square to both the ball and the line to the target on every putt. Macro Golf putters and grips and the Square Stroke® putting system encourage a repeatable smooth straight back and straight through pendulum movement resulting in greater control of the putter head with a precise and predictable ball movement, keeping your ball on line...guaranteed!

In short, Macro® grips, with an oversized patented oval shape that prevents wrist-break and the yips, are the only face balancing putter grips in golf today. Our blade and mallet putters are center shafted and 100% face balanced putters to produce firm, accurate putting with every confident stroke. Macro's Square Stroke® putting system means greater control to move the putter head straight back and straight forward through the ball. Whether the set-up is conventional l, claw or split-grip, Macro putters and grips consistently keep your putter face square and on line through impact ..... guaranteed.

PowerStroke innovative full swing golf grips are the most ergonomic reverse taper USGA and R&A conforming full swing grips played in golf. Because PowerStroke grips are ergonomic they have a reverse taper with the feel of unsurpassed comfort and control. PowerStroke grips promote the accuracy and swing power of a one plane swing. PowerStroke ergonomic reverse taper golf grips minimize the address wrist and shaft angle to enable every golfer to set up in one plane to make a one plane swing, the most efficient one plane swing in golf.