MACRO® Golf is a company focused on producing innovative putters that are based on an intensive research and development process and that comply with the Rules of Golf set by the USGA. Before any of our designs go to market, they have been thoroughly tested by golfers of all levels.

Our first product the MACRO Putter has undergone a particularly rigorous trial period. In 2002, MACRO Golf initiated its work with individual club professionals. The company's research and development activities for the MACRO Putter line continued through 2003 and 2004 with input from PGA Tour players. The definitive test occurred during the summer of 2004 when the MACRO putter grip was put into play at the Byron Nelson Classic. Now, the MACRO putter is also played on the Championship (Senior) Tour. This year also brought the introduction of the putter into the wider golf market. The club is no longer limited to Tour and club professionals but is also available at the retail level.

The Development Team is extremely proud of the MACRO Putter. We are confident that it will change the way you approach putting and lead you to lower scores. Most of all, we would like to thank you for taking the time to read about MACRO Golf and our products. As was mentioned at the outset, we welcome your feedback and experience with the putter. Our growth and success will always be centered on our customers. We welcome you to one of the newest and most important innovations in putting. We hope you will join a solid base of satisfied customers and take full advantage of the Macro Putter system.


Dr. Richard Ferris
President and CEO


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