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Anatomical Advantage

Top view of MACRO putter, showing shape of the grip.MACRO® Golf is focused on the most important anatomical factors that keep putts on line:

  • Prevent wrist breakdown to keep the putter face square at impact.
  • Relax the muscles of the forearms, wrists and hands to produce a smooth continuous stroke.

The design of the MACRO Putter promotes both of these factors and is based upon long standing knowledge of the anatomy of the wrist and the relation between the position of the hands and the muscles of the forearm. The patented MACRO Putter takes advantage of the anatomical relationships that govern the flexibility of the wrist. When golfers use the MACRO Putter their wrists become less flexible and therefore less prone to "breakdown" during the stroke. In addition the forearm muscles remain relaxed throughout the duration of the stroke maintaining the intended putter head path.

Diagram 1

Diagram 2

This principle is simple to reproduce. Hold your hand in the position indicated in Diagram 1 and rotate your wrist. Now close your hand into a fist as shown in diagram 2 and perform the same action. When the hand is open the rotational effort significantly more than the range of motion substantially less. Gripping the patented design of the MACRO Putter opens up the palm of the hand and reduces the range and ease of motion of the wrist. Preventing wrist-breakdown removes an important variable from the stroke and keeps the putter face square at impact. The MACRO Putter allows the golfer to make a judgment about the line of the putt with confidence that the putter face will not open or close through impact with the ball.

The relaxation of the muscles in the forearms, wrists and hands, has a direct bearing on the accuracy of a putting stroke. When these muscle groups are relaxed a consistently smooth on-line putting stroke results. On the other hand, tense muscles cause the putting stroke to become choppy, robbing accuracy. In fact, many golfers overcompensate for the slender handle on their traditional putters by increasing grip pressure while tensing the muscles of the hand, wrist and forearm. The patented shape of the MACRO Putter prevents this tendency.

Try the same exercise mentioned above. Instead of checking for wrist flexibility try to
judge the tension of your forearm muscles in both positions. When your hand is open it is almost impossible to tense-up the muscles of your forearm.

Just listen to what this orthopedic surgeon had to say:

I had the privilege of examination of your putter equipped with the new MACRO Grip of your design. The MACRO Grip is without question the most significant improvement of any golf club grip, providing the very best anatomical, ergonomically-designed shape. The putter can be held firmly, yet without strain. The grip conforms well to the shape of the golfer's palms. The MACRO Grip facilitates the synergistic action of strong finger flexors and wrist stabilizing muscles; permits controlled, precise handling of the putter and virtually eliminiates the flexing of the wrist and wrist breakdown, so detrimental to the precision with which the golfer strikes the ball. It helps the golfer to successfully achieve consistent control of the putter head. Accurate putting has never been easier!


Andrew I. Dobranski, M.D.
Board Certified Orthopedic Surgeon
Member, American Society Surgery of the Hand
Member, American Academy of Orthopedic Surgery


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