What is different about the MACRO® Putter?

The MACRO Putter represents a departure from traditional putters in two important ways:

  1. The construction of the putter with its oversized-reducing oval grip, higher lie angle, offset hand position, and head-handle balance prevents wrist breakdown unlike any other traditional putter.

  2. The MACRO Putter is more than a putter it is a system that has been proven to promote consistency and confidence on the green. These principles are explained in detail here.

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Does the MACRO Putter comply with the Rules of Golf?

Yes, the United States Golf Association (USGA) has confirmed in writing that the MACRO Putter and Grip both comply with the rules of golf.

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Can the MACRO Putter really lower your score?

Yes. But you don't have to take our word for it. Simply take advantage of MACRO Golf's extraordinary money back guarantee. If you do not believe that the putter has improved your game simply return it for a full refund. More information on MACRO Golf’s guarantee and return policy is available here.

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What is wrist break?

Wrist breakdown is the bending or twisting of the wrists during the putting stroke. It leads to inaccurate putts. An interesting irony is that early in the history of the game wrist break was an important part of putting. Golfers were encouraged to flick their wrists during the putting stroke. Later on, however, professionals and amateurs alike proved that greater accuracy and consistency could be achieved by keeping the wrists steady for the entire duration of the stroke.

Yet notwithstanding, the long standing permission within the Rules of Golf that allows the putter grip to substantially differ from the others in the golfers bag little attention has been paid to putters that take advantage of this rule to minimize wrist breakdown during the stroke. The MACRO Putter is a true innovation based solidly on the Rules of Golf. No other putter on the market provides the same balance, lie angle and grip that drastically reduces wrist breakdown and promotes more accurate and consistent putts.

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How does the putter face stay square from backstroke through impact? What benefit does this have?

There are a number of factors that contribute to this important trait of the MACRO Putter:

  • The oversized reducing oval grip prevents wrist breakdown, relaxes the muscles in the forearms and thereby eliminates torsion of the club during the stroke.

  • The offset position of the hands improves the visual frame of reference vis-a-vis the ball.

  • The higher lie angle of the putter head, especially when combined with the split grip, promotes an unusually shallow pendulum stroke. This keeps the putter head in a smooth trajectory close to the ground.

The patented cross sectional shape of the MACRO Grip allows the golfer to position the grip in the "lifelines" of the palms of the hands and the "plane" of the forearms, to complete a putting stroke with the putter face always on-the-line-of-the-putt and square to the target. Attempts at "square stroking" with any other putter grip configuration results in a contortion of the forearms through the stroke.

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What is your Return Policy?

Please visit our Support webpage for detailed information on our Return Policy.

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What is a lie angle and why does the Macro Putter have a higher lie angle than other putters?

The lie angle is the angle between the putter head and the shaft. The MACRO Putter was designed with a high lie angle to balance the effect of the oversized grip and keep the golfer's eyes directly over the ball during the stroke. This position also promotes a shallow pendulum stroke that keeps the putter face square through impact with the ball – keeping your putts online consistently.

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Where is the best place to order the MACRO Putter? Do you offer bulk discounts for large orders?

You can order the MACRO Putter through this site on our Order Page. Contact Macro Golf at for a full schedule of bulk order discounts.

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Can I use the MACRO Putter for a tournament at my local club, PGA qualification rounds, or PGA tournaments?

The United States Golf Association has issued a written ruling that the MACRO Putter Grip conforms to the Rules of Golf. The MACRO Putter has been played on both the PGA and Champion (Senior) Tours this season (2004) so you can certainly use the MACRO Putter in competitions and tournaments at your local golf club.

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How do I hold a putter with a split grip, and how does it differ from a "normal" putter grip?

The split grip system is explained in detail here. The benefits of this system are a smooth stroke, substantially diminished wrist breakdown and consistency. MACRO Golf recommends that you view the online videos or order our free instructional video.

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Is the MACRO Putter patented?

The MACRO Putter and Grip is protected by three Utility and Design Patents issued by the United States Patent Office. International patents are pending in Europe and Asia.

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Can I get the MACRO Putter at a golf shop in my area?

If you send us an email at, we will gladly let you know if we have a distributor in your area. If you do not and you would like us to begin distribution, please give us the name and we will contact them.

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If I am a retail golf shop owner and would like to become a MACRO Golf reseller, what do I have to do?

MACRO Golf welcomes opportunities to extend its distribution network. Retail outlets should contact MACRO Golf via e-mail at One of our sales executives will contact you with further information.

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How do I get instruction in the use of the MACRO Putter?

MACRO Golf not only provides its clients with a Tour-tested putter, but also a putting system that will lower your score. There are two ways to get instruction in the split grip system advocated by Macro Golf:

  • Free DVD: MACRO Golf has produced a short DVD providing an extended version of the instruction found on this site. It provides a comprehensive overview of hand placement, stance, stroke and drills to improve your putting consistency after a few practice rounds. Contact MACRO Golf by filling out this form and simply pay shipping and handling and we will send you a free DVD.

  • A Local Professional: MACRO Golf in continually expanding its network of local professionals. To find out if there is a professional in your area contact us at

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What shipping options do you offer?

Full information on our shipping options is available on our Support webpage.

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Is it safe to order online?

Yes, the MACRO Golf uses a third-party payment processor that uses highest form of security. Ordering online has never been easier or safer! More information on what information we collect and how we use it is available on our Privacy webpage.

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