Because of the patented uniquely shaped cross-section and forward shaft offset of the MACRO® Grip, the putter head approaches the ball in a longer, flatter online track. This longer, flatter movement of the putter head straight toward and through the ball lengthens the "effective hitting area." With the MACRO Putter, specific foot placement relative to ball position, is not as critical as in other putting systems employing conventional, belly and long putters. These traditional putting systems require the same foot placement relative to ball position on virtually every putt.

The design features of the MACRO Putter allow the golfer an option of closed, open or square stance relative to whatever the topography and green conditions require to accomplish intended ball movement. The longer "effective hitting area" facilitated by the MACRO design allows a forward, middle or retro ball placement dictated only by the golfer's preference and/or the demands of putting surface conditions.

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