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Images of the MACRO Putter.
The Macro« Square Stroke Mallet is a truly remarkable putter, providing exceptional balance and feel
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The New MACRO Blade Putter.
This dual cavity-backed blade reflects state of the art trends in blade design while forging new directions in balance, technology and function.
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Images of the MACRO Putter.

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The physical properties of the MACRO® Blade serve to enhance all of the functional design capabilities of the MACRO® Grip.

Here are some quick facts:

  • Face balanced, heel/toe mirror image peri-weighted blade
  • Center shafted with S/S non-stepped shaft
  • Stainless Steel Plain or Poly Insert with CNC milled face
  • Three highlighted parallel alignment lines on top surface
  • Head with Face insert weighs 357 grams
  • Head without Insert weighs 350 grams
  • Machine Finished Polymer Insert
  • loft 3┬░ / lie 74+

The weighting system employed in the two head designs widens the sweet spot both vertically and horizontally. The ball rolls off the face immediately in a smooth rotational pattern without digging in or hopping.


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