The MACRO® Square Stroke Mallet is a truly remarkable putter. It represents the ultimate combination of materials and construction to achieve exceptional balance and feel. The precision of stainless steel is married with the feel of aluminum and the stability of perimeter weighting is combined with high contrast alignment guides for the ideal setup.

The MACRO® Square Stroke™ Mallet putter head is peripherally weighted and absolutely face balanced. It has a softfeel milled aluminium insert face with a 2 0/0 loft. The new Macro Mallet is equipped with the patented 14" BlackVelvet forward offset MACRO Grip and the grip-top Topnotch™ alignment feature exclusive to MACRO.

Internal Beauty

The internal design of the Mallet is as crucial to its performance as the clear alignment guides on its surface. It is the internal cavity weighting system of the mallet that holds the key to its perfect face balance, keeping the putter head square at impact.

External Precision

The surface of the face is computer-guided precision-milled aircraft grade aluminum that eradicates accuracy-robbing distortions. At the same time, the visuals of the top surface ensure directional precision with silver insets adding emphasis to the raised platform that
provides a clear set up and guide through the trajectory of the stroke.

Design Unity

MACRO Golf doesn’t believe that standard grips will do. The MACRO Grip on the MACRO Square Stroke Mallet was specifically engineered to effectively balance the putter head. The placement of the hosel and the forward offset of the grip positions the hands to promote ball impact just after the head initiates its upswing. The ball leaves the impact with sufficient topspin to almost entirely eliminate hop and substantially minimize skid.


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