For Immediate Release
8 January 2006

MACRO Golf Introduces New Macro Square Stroke™ Mallet Putter

Patented New Putter to Make Golf an Easier Game

MIDLOTHIAN, VA — Macro Golf, one of North America’s fastest growing golf equipment companies, announced the first putter in its revolutionary Square Stroke line. In his introductory remarks, Dr. Richard Ferris, CEO of Macro Golf, highlighted his company’s approach to the innovation embodied in the Macro Square Stroke Mallet. “The golf industry needs innovation that goes beyond the superficial and makes the game easier to play. When we began research and development on the Square Stroke line we sought to answer one central question, ‘can we create a line of putters that make putting easier?’ We are convinced we have with first club in the line, the Macro Square Stroke Mallet.”

The Macro Mallet provides the most versatile putting approach in golf today. It is has been designed to for use with all conventional and split-hand set-ups. Yet the patented reducing-oval shape of Macro is especially important to any golfer using, or contemplating using, a “Claw” hand-grip position. The design of the Macro Mallet is the perfect marriage of balance and feel. The putter head combines a 403 stainless steel internal cavity weighting system with a soft-feel, milled, aircraft grade aluminum insert face. A central raised platform on the top of the head is embossed with clear alignment guides promoting the ideal set up and trajectory of putter head throughout the stroke. Vertical balance has been achieved through the use of the redesigned BlackVelvet, forward offset MACRO grip. Finally, Macro Golf’s patented and exclusive grip-top alignment feature, Topnotch™, completes a package that is as directionally accurate as it is visually stunning.

Ultimately, the Macro Square Stroke Mallet represents more than just another piece of golf equipment. It is the foundation of the Square Stroke Systemô that eliminates wrist break and produces a straight back and through putter head movement that stays on line and square to the target throughout the trajectory of the stroke. Dr. Ferris continued, “Its straightforward, uncomplicated approach makes golf an easier game and provides a more satisfying and enjoyable golf experience for everybody. It might even help Tiger.”

In Macro Golf’s view, leading golf equipment manufactures such as Calloway Golf Co. (ELY), Titlist Golf Co. (FO) and others have begun to recognize that a greater effort is needed to make golf more user friendly, something Ferris says Macro Golf has already achieved with the introduction of their unique new products. Dr. Ferris concluded, “Ultimately, however, experiencing is believing. I firmly believe that when you hold the Macro Square Stroke Mallet in your hands science and words will fade into green and your ball will make its way obediently towards that little dark hole where it belongs.”

The new MACRO putters and grips which will be formally introduced and demonstrated at the January 2006 PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando, Florida are available now at and many other online and traditional retail outlets throughout the country.

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