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PowerStroke┬« Grip, MacMetalÔäó 100% Graphite Shaft & FaceLineÔäó Club Face.

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Why is Golf traditionally so difficult
to learn and to play?

Basically its because the most ergonomic grip in almost every player's bag is on a golf umbrella!

The conventional, standard wide-butt golf grips traditionally on every players clubs have a totally anti-ergonomic shape that causes the little finger of a normal human grasping hand to impact on the grip surface first and just before the other fingers. This creates a fulcrum action that is immediately followed by the segmental, in-turn grip surface trigger action impactions of each of the hand's remaining fingers.

This (anti-ergonomic) traditional wide-butt tapered grip shape, historically one of golf's most iconic design elements, was originally created to combat the effects of the centrifugal force of a golf swing on the wet, slippery surfaces of long-ago tanned-leather wrapped golf clubs. It is ironic that this familiar and historically accepted wide-butt shape, so efficient in regard to centrifugal force, has in reality long been an anti-ergonomic hidden impediment to the consistently efficient hand action required in the physics of a golf swing. The traditional golf grip's extraneous fulcrum-trigger finger action is caused by swing hand grip pressure differentials from set-up to impact and is a relentless obstacle to successful and enjoyable play that must be unknowingly overcome with a variety of difficult to repeat swing-timing manipulations by every player on every single swing.

In short the traditional shape of traditional golf grips make a golf swing with a successful outcome much more difficult to perform.

The patented mid-tapered shape of PowerStroke is the most "ergonomic" grip in golf because it is the only golf grip designed to simultaneously receive all the closing fingers of a player's grasping non dominant "left" hand for a more unified impaction of the entire length of the grip into the palm. This facitity automatically eliminates the fulcrum-trigger finger actions common to all non ergonomic grip shapes. The PowerStroke mid-taper shape is an ergonomic physiological design element essential to comfort, natural hand control, increased wrist flex and full hand/arm extension. The practical golf swing expressions of PowerStroke's ergonomic design are the elimination of swing hand pressure differentials set-up through impact ( softer downswing feel) ; measurably more and quicker wrist flex into impact ( increase left wrist "pop" thru impact); and the development of an actual, accurate, repeatable one plane swing hand/arm extension address (set-up/address" wrist angle" reduction/elimination")

It has been estimated that less than 0.1 percent of all the golfers who have ever played, ever once shot par or better, and only about 9 percent playing now can break 100 with any regularity. This stunning record of human underachievement continues unchanged despite countless hours of practice and play by many millions of players and the billions spent on instruction and equipment. Why ? Because golf's planned hazards are not all composed of sand, water and rough in plain sight out on the course ... the biggest and most damaging hazzard, the one that no one intended and very few still recognize is hidden in the anti-ergonomic traditionally accepted shape of conventionally tapered golf grips.

So it comes down to this:

Get the improved swing efficiency, comfort and better play that PowerStroke®, the most ergonomic grip in golf can offer... or increase the difficulty index of every course you play and stick with the wide-butt, anti-ergonomic traditionally tapered grips you are "use to".

All the best,
Dr. Richard Ferris/Macro® Golf Co.