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Macro Golf introduces the PowerStroke®, a golf grip designed to bring the consistency and the power of a true “One Plane” swing to your game.

The patented, three-tiered design of PowerStroke is a new, USGA conforming grip with a comfortable ergonomic shape that provides measurably greater tension free swing wrist hinge fl exibility and extension than conventional grips. The pictures below illustrate Powerstroke’s greater non-dominant “left hand” full wrist extension at address in contrast to the prominent wrist angle of conventional grips. The PowerStroke shaft stays parallel and in one plane with the forearm with both relaxed fi ngers and in a fi rm grasp; the conventional grip however is parallel to and in one plane with the forearm only when held loosely in the fi ngers. In a firm grasp the conventional grip forms an angle at the wrist hinge (the Fulcrum Effect*) placing the club and the forearm in two distinct planes. During the golf swing with a conventional grip, re-gripping of the “left” hand from the milder fi nger pressure of the set-up to the firmer grip of impact often occurs, further triggering the fulcrum effect and the undesirable swing arc variation it causes.


How does PowerStroke’s dramatically increased wrist hinge flexibility over conventional grips improve your swing?

It provides greater tension free wrist extension throughout the golf swing to promote the accuracy, consistency and power of the club head traveling from address to the “Top” and back down to impact… always on the same path… always on ONE PLANE.

  • The full tension free extension of a repeatable “One Plane” set-up and swing
  • The smooth wrist cock transition “at the top”
  • A more powerful, resistance free full extension through release and impact
  • Eliminates swing event spine angle changes and mid-swing “re-gripping”.

Set-up and Swing Recommendations

The hands placement and golf swing fundamentals with PowerStroke are the same as with conventional grips but because of the unique characteristics in PowerStroke’s patented design, success with a PowerStroke golf swing is more easily achieved.

Once your old clubs are re-gripped with PowerStroke you will experience a new, confi dent feel of “left” hand control and noticeably greater swing extension.

As the grip provides more tension - free wrist extension at address, the set-up wrist angle is greatly reduced, an essential for a true “one plane swing”. Also with the grip’s greater wrist extension, a firmer “left” hand grip pressure at set-up can remain unchanged through impact to minimize "re-gripping at the top" and mid-swing club repositioning.


The shape that works

The patented PowerStroke grip is round and straight with three distinctly shaped tiered sections, seamlessly blended together. The grip weighs 64 grams and including the fi nishing fl anges on the butt and shaft ends, is 10.5" long.

Tier 1: The Butt-top section

The patented PowerStroke grip is round and straight with three distinctly shaped tiered sections, seamlessly blended together. The grip weighs 64 grams and including the fi nishing fl anges on the butt and shaft ends, is 10.5" long.

Tier 2: The middle/transitional section

Tier 2 is 3” in length and the gripping surface pattern of Tier 2 is identical to Tier 1. Tier 2 is a round, tapering transition separating the differing diameters of Tiers 1 and 3; the entire taper of the PowerStroke grip is concentrated here. The shape of Tier 2 ( together with Tier 1 ) act to eliminate the Fulcrum Effect©, the unintentional “lifting “ of the club head during the swing event caused by the fulcrum-like action of conventionally tapered grips in the tightening grasp of the closed left hand. This lifting action is clearly demonstrated by an examination of the images above. The ergonomic taper of Tier 2 also encourages a fi rm, confident "left" hand feel of control that stays constant throughout the swing event.

Tier 3: The Lower shaft–in section

Is 4.5” in length and is straight in form. It has the largest constant cross sectional diameter of the three Tiers. The gripping surface pattern of this Tier is smoother and softer in feel than the gripping surface pattern of Tiers 1 and 2. The increased constant diameter and smoother feel of Tier 3, in contrast to the feel in the “left” hand when gripping Tiers 1 and 2, encourages a relaxed grip fi nger pressure in the “ right “ hand and helps to avoid right hand control and domination of the golf swing.

Explaining the Fulcrum Effect©

The undesirable, unintended club head movement during a golf swing caused by the variation in non-dominant (“left”) hand grip pressure exerted on the tapered shape of standard, conventional golf grips.


Any increase in “left” hand grip pressure on the standard tapered shape of conventional grips (large diameter butt end tapering down to a smaller diameter shaft-in section) results in the “lifting” effect of the index and 3rd fingers of the “left” hand on the tapered middle of the grip. This movement levers the grip’s middle and lower sections against the fixed position of the upper wider butt section as it is pressed for leverage by the 4th and 5th fingers against the heel of the left hand.

The undesirable club head movement caused by this fulcrum action occurs at the time in the swing event that the finger pressure of the left hand is increased from the weaker grip hand pressure necessary in standard conventional grips at set-up/address to the much firmer left hand finger grip pressure always required at impact.