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PowerStroke® Mid-Taper Golf Grips
Set-Up/Address Recommendations

PowerStroke has a patented ergonomic mid-tapered shape that provides greater actual wrist-flex and an easier tension-free hand/wrist/arm full swing extension than any other grip played in golf. While PowerStroke requires no alteration of the traditionally accepted mechanics of an efficient golf swing, its innovative mid-tapered ergonomic design provides the superior hand-eye coordination and better firm-fingered grasping control that more consistently facilitate beneficial swing results than the familiar wide butt, anti-ergonomic shape of conventionally tapered golf grips. PowerStroke has been officially ruled as conforming for play by both the USGA and the R&A. The recommendations below are made to insure that your swing receives the maximum benefit from these patented design innovations.

  • PowerStroke is “played in the fingers“ just the same as traditionally tapered golf grips. The standard overlapping grip with all four fingers and thumb of the “left” (non-dominant) hand placed firmly on the grip and partially overlapped by the little finger of the right hand, is a recommended hands position. A full ten fingered “ baseball grip “ is easy to master and can also be very effective with PowerStroke.
  • Use the somewhat firmer tension-free finger-grip pressure at set-up/address that is facilitated by PowerStroke’s patented ergonomic design. All four fingers placed on the barrel of PowerStroke with a firm, even pressure automatically gives you more overall swing control, a softer downswing feel, and curtails the tendency to re-grip/reposition your hands “ at the Top”. ***
  • Uncock your “ left “ ( lead ) wrist and extend ( straighten) the left arm at address to minimize the set-up wrist/shaft angle; tuck the right elbow into your side, These moves automatically lower the right shoulder and puts your head behind the ball at address …. Good places from which to start at set-up/ address and return to at impact for an efficient, accurate, powerful, and consistent golf swing on One Plane.

*** Re-gripping at the top occurs frequently with traditionally tapered grips because their anti-ergonomic shape prevents an even grip pressure, finger-to-finger, along the grip surface… making the little finger (tight on the grip) a “fulcrum”and the index finger ( loose on the grip) a “trigger” ... triggering undesirable club repositioning(s) activated when hand grip pressure tends to increase from the “top” throughout the downswing to impact.