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Putting System

Absolutely, Positively the only Putter-Face Balancing putter grip that has been played in golf!

Mac Mashie
Hybrid Golf Club

PowerStroke® Grip, MacMetal™ 100% Graphite Shaft & FaceLine™ Club Face.

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All putter and putter grip orders come with a FREE new PowerStroke Full-Swing grip.

Square Stroke® Putting System
Foot Placement

The forearm of the dominant hand is positioned in the same plane as the MACRO® Putter grip. The position of the MACRO Grip is the plane of the dominant forearm promotes consistency in achieving desired stroke direction and distance. The suggested hand placements will automatically position the non-dominant forearm in the same plane.

Once properly set-up, draw the putterhead straight back and execute a normal no-wrist-break/quiet-hands stroke to keep the club square at impact.