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Square Stroke® Putting System
Putter Alignment

An important part of the patented MACROĀ® putter grip design includes a cross-mark on top of the grip that enables golfers using the MACROĀ® putter to more accurately align and shape the direction of intended ball movement. The longer line on the cross-mark defines the direction of the putt; the crossing shorter line indicates the direction of the plane and putter face. These directional marks are much closer to the eyes of the golfer than similar markings on putter heads alone and aid the golfer in determining the correct alignment of the putter relative to the ball and hole.

The set-up routine begins by positioning the putter head (face) squarely behind the ball. The longer line in the cross-mark, parallel with the directional line markings on the top of the putter head, is aligned to conform with the intended direction of the ball movement to the hole. The short line of the cross-marks, parallel with top edge of the putters face, is used to confirm that the putter face is square to the direction of intended ball movement.

Once the golfer has decided upon the alignment of the putter face relative to the ball and the hole, and the level of the green between the ball and the hole, the hands, feet and forearms are positioned to complete the set-up.


MACRO TOPNOTCH™ Grip-Top Alignment

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