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Mac Mashie
Hybrid Golf Club

Macro Golf Testimonials

"I am a nineteen handicap. In my first six rounds after switching to the Macro Mallet Putter I have shaved a minimum of five strokes off each round and I have not three putted once! In each of those rounds I have shot in the eighties. The Macro Putter has given me more putting confidence than I have ever had before. I love the Macro Putter. Thanks for a great product."

Nathan Elkin

Richmond, Virginia

"I just wanted to thank you so much for the "MacroGrip!" I have cut 6 strokes off each round with your putter grip! Thanks so much for improving my putting!"

Greg Hill

Mobile, Alabama

"The MACRO Putter grip is at the heart of a putting system which is the best I have seen in 39 years as a golf professional. In my opinion, MACRO is the simplest way for repetitive and consistent putting success. Since I began to use the MACRO Putter, my average number of putts per round has dropped by 3 strokes, which is unbelievable!"

Kent Sasher

Golf Instructor and PGA Life Member
Orlando, Florida

"Before I started using the MACRO I had always felt like I was a good putter from three to eight feet and mediocre from ten to twenty feet. Once the MACRO Putter went in my bag, I was still very good from three to eight feet but ten times better from ten to twenty feet."

Tom Melideo, PGA Head Golf Professional

Jackson Hole, Wyoming

"I had a bad case of the yips, one of the worst I had seen in years of playing and teaching as a PGA member. An old friend, who is also a PGA member, told me to try the MACRO Putter; that this putter and the recommended stroke make it difficult to miss putts under 5 feet. I have been using the MACRO Putter ever since. The day I picked it up was the day the yips quit."

Keith Eynon, PGA Professional

Army Navy Country Club
Fairfax, Virginia

"The shape and feel of the MACRO Putter grip gives me more control of the putter head than I have ever experienced with any other putter."

Dr. James A. Pell

Oral Surgeon
Reston, Virginia

"The MACRO® Putter has great balance and feel which produces an exceptional rolling of the golf ball. With its unique grip design there is no chance of break down and with the aim lines on top of the grip it makes it easier to get aligned with the confidence to make straight back and straight through strokes"

Tim Dale, PGA Associate Golf Professional

The Country Club of Virginia
Richmond, Virginia

"Thank you for introducing me to the MACRO Golf Putter. I had 3 birdies at our last member guest tournament. No more 3 putts. It is great for short and medium distance putts. I saved 3 to 4 strokes a round! This will stay in my bag for awhile."

Dr. Joe S. Almario

J.S. Almario M.D. FACS
Ahoskie, North Carolina

You may not remember my name but I am 22 years old, playing on the epd tour and Portuguese tour. I first met you at the florida golf show in Febuary. I was interested in you putter as that is the worst part of my game. You had someone show me how it works, the way to hold it and i was very impressed.(so was my dad) I tried it for a short while after i got back but i was heading to germany to play on tour and I didnt want to take it with me on short notice. I have recently returned after having a poor 2 months on the greens (6 events) I took your putter out again and played in a friendly 4 ball just the other day. I made 7 birdies and whole a few good par saves and thats almost double the number of birdies I’v made in 1 round for quite a while. I am playing in an event in Portugal this week and will deffinatly be using your Macro putter with the larger black grip. Wish me luck. Just like to say a big thank you for the putter and think i should of taken it away with me."

All the best,
Scott Taylor

"The Macro Putter is truly a very intriquing and fun to use putter. It almost defies description! Your eyes are centered right over the ball and right over the line of attack. It's hard to do anything else but to take a a straight back and straight through putt. I've loved it for the last five or six rounds that I've had it in the bag to the consternation of my opponents. I've been using it and I believe in it and I wouldn't jive you if I didn't."

Steve Czaban "Czabe"

Sports Reporter Extraordinaire
WTEM SportsTalk 980

"I "borrowed" the mallet putter out of Ken's office last week and played with it at an industry function at Pinehurst. I was ready to go to the belly putter but fell in love with yours. I'm not even sure how I was supposed to grip it but I used a split grip and felt very confident. The two ball is retired!"

Brent Waugh

Vice President
Event Links International

"I always thought the "baseball" grip produced more accurate putts but it was not until I discovered the MACRO system that my theory was proven. The putts really go where you aim them. I had a 34 putt round two weeks ago, my best ever. Thanks for a great putter."

Best Regards,

Cleveland, Tennessee

"Wow, what a wonderful putter. The MACRO Putter is perfectly balanced and has a GREAT feel to it. The MACRO putter puts me in position to make a repeatable stroke. The more you use the Square Stroke Putting System the more confidence you have in it. This putter just keeps sinking putt after putt. The MACRO Putter and Square Stroke Putting System will improve your game."

Jerry Pinotti